Places you have traveled for surfing?
I've surfed all over Long Island from Far Rockaway to Ditch, including Southhampton,
Smith Point, Lido, Long Beach and my home breaks of Tobay and Gilgo.
Up in New Hampshire I've been to The Wall and down in Jersey to Wildwood and Belmar.
I've traveled and surfed some great spots in Costa Rica too, but perhaps some of my favorite experiences have been in California: Doheny, Blackies (when its glassy), Seal Beach, Malibu, the pier at HB and the infamous point breaks of San O. This past spring I had an opportunity to surf down in Puerto Rico; it was the bluest water I've ever seen!

How did you get into surfing?
I grew up loving the beach, but didn't know anyone who surfed! Since body boarders were allowed in the surfing section, I would take my body board out with the surfers just to watch and dream of riding waves like they could. When I wasn't at the beach, my friends and I would cruise on over to any surf shop we could pedal our bikes to. We would just look at the colors and shapes of all the boards. One day I finally found a board that I could use my softball umpiring money to buy.
Of course I needed my Mom to drive and get the board home, but it was well worth it for the free bar of wax! The first time I took it into the water it didn't float much, but I didn't care because I was finally on a surfboard. I was having best time out of anyone on the beach that day! One of the locals saw me paddling my heart out (but not getting anywhere) and offered me a go on their board. I was able to stand up for a few seconds and was totally hooked.

What is your favorite part about teaching people How to Surf?
My first real ride was so impactful; so it's only logical that I'd want everyone to have that sort of experience. One way that I can give back is by volunteering at surf camps for children with autism. Through my experiences I have been lucky to have picked up a ton of surf knowledge over the years and I just love to share it; whether it be about traveling, my local break, or just shopping for a new board. However, I'd say the best part is when someone stands up for the first time, I always get WAY excited for them!

What advice can you give to new surfers?
"The best surfer in the lineup is said to be the one having the most fun."
That's definitely true. Always wear a smile and say hello to others as you paddle by; it goes a long way. One should also realize that the fun includes paddling out to the lineup too (yes getting through that whitewater seems like a real bummer!) and wiping out. Riding the waves becomes the ultimate payoff.

What are some of your other hobbies/Interests?
I'm really into specific types of music and playing softball. I also skateboard and a few years ago started snowboarding and boxing. Aside from sports I like being artsy, eating cookies, reading, chasing the ice cream truck, gardening and wearing Vans sneakers.