Canned Wendy’s Chili Appears On Instacart Website

TheStreet reports Wendy’s plans to sell its chili at grocery stores through ConAgra Brands.

Conagra Brands is a consumer packaged goods company that makes and sells products under various brand names that are available in supermarkets, restaurants, and food service establishments.

According to TheStreet, Wendy’s Chili is currently available in a select few locations already, and more information will be available, “Closer to the National Launch,” according to Caitlin Davy, ConAgra Brands Manager of Brand Communications.

Have you spotted canned Wendy’s Chili in the wild? If you have, drop Chew Boom the details via our Chewer-friendly contact page.คำพูดจาก เกมสล็อตมาใหม่

Image via Instacart

Canned Wendy’s Chili Appears On Instacart Website

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