Kellogg’s Launches New Rice Krispies Shocking Orange Colored Cereal For The 2022 Halloween Season

Touted as “your new favorite ingredient for Halloween and fall-themed treats,” Rice Krispies Shocking Orange Colored Cereal features the same original taste and crisped rice cereal crunch that fans know and expect, with the added fun of festive seasonal orange Halloween color.คำพูดจาก

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McDonald’s Offers Free Delivery With Uber Eats On Orders Of $20 Or More Through March 21, 2021

To take advantage of the offer, simply order at least $20 of McDonald’s through McDelivery on Uber Eats during the promotion period.คำพูดจาก สล็อต เว็บ

Just keep in mind that while delivery is free, a service fee still applies.

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